The search for the remains of several missing girls has been called off in Michigan, and many are wondering why.

"Just like I said, these girls have been sitting in the ground for 44 summers. Doesn't that bother anyone?” Brenda Handloser said.

Handloser is heartbroken that, at least for now, the search for her missing sister Nadine O’Dell and several other girls is over.

When it began last week, investigators sounded confident that not only was Arthur Ream the killer, but that he hid the bodies near his beehives.

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"We do have, as you know, probable cause to believe that this is a gravesite. No question about it, that Kimberly King and other young female victims who were murdered are buried here,” William Dwyer said.

Now, Warren police said until they analyze some items found and consider other areas, the search for the girls' remains is being suspended.

"It's extremely disappointing. I know that they are very confident in their evidence that led them to this site, they still stand by that evidence. They still maintain that he is the killer, that they know who he is,” said Konnie Beyma, the sister of Kimberly King.

"You promised that you wouldn't leave these girls behind,” Handloser said.

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The area that was being searched is where Ream buried 13-year-old Cindy Zarzycki in the 80s. Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said he needs more information before allocating resources to expand the search area in Macomb Township or into other cities.

"I want them to take into account the big picture, because we don't have unlimited resources that we still have to patrol the city and do other things, and then make a decision where to go from here,” Fouts said.

"I understand this reevaluation process. I think it's better to reevaluate and look at it that way rather than to waste any resources or time,” Beyma said.

Ream is in prison for the slaying of 13-year-old Cindy Zarzycki, whose remains were found 10 years ago near the same wooded area.

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