An Iosco County family is reaching out to the community for help after they learned their home of more than a decade has severe termite damage.

Jason and Tera Rootes said they purchased their home about 12 years ago. As their family grew, they worked hard to upgrade the house to make it work for their family.

During their renovations, the couple decided to paint their 8-year-old son’s bedroom. While getting the room ready, they found a bubble in the wall.

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The couple said the bubble was a hole, caused from termite damage.

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The Rootes said they called their insurance company, and an adjuster came out to their home. They soon learned there was water damage to the house and that’s how the termites got into the walls.

Unfortunately, the Rootes said the insurance company would not help cover costs for repairs because it wasn’t part of their policy.

Now, they family of four said they’re left with tens of thousands of dollars in damage and may have to rebuild.

Friends in their subdivision and the community are raising money for the family to help cover the costs. A GoFundMe page is looking to raise $5,000.

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