Homelessness is something veterans struggle with throughout the country, including in Mid-Michigan.

That’s why the local Veterans Affairs is raising money with their annual walk for homeless veterans.

The theme of this year’s VA 2K Walk and Health Fair is “Be a Super Hero for Homeless Veterans.”

The Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center in Saginaw has hosted the fundraising event to support homeless veterans for eight years.

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“It’s an easy walk. It’s something that everybody can do to get a little bit of physical activity to promote health,” said Teri Yunus, health promotion manager.

Yunus said it’s a great way to get the community involved and help out vets in need.

“Things like socks, deodorant, household cleaners, sleeping bags. Anything like that to set up homeless veterans in their first situation where they’re going to need those kind of things,” Yunus said.

Veterans like Charles Burns, who served in the Marine Corps. He said he used to be about 95 percent blind until he got involved with the veteran association.

“I lost my eyesight and was put into a VA contracted facility in Flint. And they got me into a doctor and they healed me,” Burns said.

The VA medical center serves veterans across 35 counties in Michigan. It’s a service Kylee Huber said literally changes lives.

“Just knowing that you can help them get into stable housing and see the progress,” Huber said.

Huber is a social worker with the homeless veterans program. She takes pride in helping those who have served all of us.

“Because veterans served our country and it’s our role to serve them. So, it’s important to raise awareness. Especially for homeless veterans because they’re at a greater risk of homelessness than other Americans,” Huber said.

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