There’s a buzz about a bee problem in one Mid-Michigan community.

Families say the ground bees are no joke and swarm anyone who comes near their nests, stinging them from head to toe.

The bee problem is happening in front of one homeowner’s house in the city of Midland. The residents have tried everything to get rid of the insects the past few weeks. Now the city is bringing in exterminators to take care of the problem.

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“They’re kind of scary and I guess I would not want to be stung,” said Madi Hoerneman, Midland resident.

There’s a whole bunch of bees burrowed under the ground in one Midland neighborhood. They are called andrenid bees, also known as mining bees or burrower bees.

The homeowner, who didn’t want to be identified, said they have been there for about three weeks. She has tried everything to get rid of them. She event put up warnings for walkers, including caution tape.

Sheila Woods lives next door to the bee colony. She worries the insects may sting her dog or they may move to her property.

“They’re easily agitated. We don’t go near it. I’m smart. I walk out and around it,” Woods said.

Woods said her husband was stung by a bunch of mining bees in the past when he was out hunting. She advises you don’t want to mess with them.

“He stumbled across a nest of them and one came out and stung him. So, he took his hat off and swatted at it so that set that whole fiasco in motion. He got stung all over the scalp, down the neck, down the chest, down the arms,” Woods said.

The city of Midland doesn’t want that to happen. It hired a team of exterminators to go wipe out the bees on Wednesday, but the ground was too wet for them to do the job. They will be back in a day or two to put the sting on the bee colony.

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