The city of Flint has a chance to set its own budget for the first time in years.

But it turns out it’s easier said than done.

After a veto of the proposed budget by Mayor Karen Weaver, city council met in an attempt to override it. But that vote failed.

Flint has been under state oversight since 2011, but now that they have local control back the mayor’s office and city council just can’t seem to agree.

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“I’m hoping that we will have a committee meeting to discuss what amendments we would like,” Councilwoman Kate Fields said.

Weaver said she vetoed the budget because of budget amendments added by the council, which included a $20,000 raise for the city clerk, the addition of two more jobs, and full health benefits for part-time employees.

Some city council members argue no new money was added to the budget and they were simply reallocating funds that already existed.

A few council members think city leaders should have stuck with the original budget by the mayor.

“Oh, I don’t think that it’s going to be amended. We will talk further. The process that they tried to amend has failed. We can talk further. They can put motions on the board and attempt to do what they want,” Councilman Eric Mays said.

“We just got out of the receivership. We need to stay put, try to work together. Maybe try to amend the budget later on,” said Jerri Winfrey-Carter, council member.

Fields said the council doesn’t have long to have something concrete on the books.

“We have to have by state law, a council approved budget no later than the end of June because come July 1, if we don’t have that they can’t spend a dime,” Fields said.

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