Scattered trash and muddy tire tracks were some of the sights at Saginaw’s Ojibway Island on Monday.

Park goers said the destruction was an eyesore.

“If you go to a park you shouldn’t have to worry about things like that,” said Steve Wendling, resident.

Wendling and his family went to the park to go geocaching.

“They’re looking for hidden prizes. It’s a little app on their phone,” he said.

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The eyesore at the park took some of the joy out of it.

“Looks like people were disrespectful. People come out here to enjoy things like this and that makes it hard to do when people mess things up like that,” Wendling said.

Ebony Anderson and her family love spending time on Ojibway Island.

“It’s beautiful. We always come out here to enjoy the day. Today we came out here and see that and it’s terrible,” she said.

Monday was their last big family outing before the kids have to go back to school.

“Kinda sad a little bit because it’s a family park. So it shouldn’t be like this,” Anderson said.

These parents hope whoever messed up their park learns a lesson and has a change of heart.

“Don’t do it again or maybe at least try to come and at least throw some grass seed down and fix what you did if you have a conscience I guess,” Wendling said.

Saginaw police said they have seen an increase in problems on the island at night. They are working on a solution that might mean closing the park off in the evenings.

Work and city crews were on the island on Thursday working to spruce the area up and fill the large tire tracks.

One of the supervisors said they were disappointed someone would damage the park like that, but they are committed to making it good as new.

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