A Mid-Michigan mother claims her daughter’s excitement for kindergarten quickly vanished when she found out everything had changed at the last minute.

She said the elementary school changed which teacher her daughter would have and the classroom she would be in without letting them know, creating mass confusion on the first day.

“I don’t feel comfortable sending my child to a school that doesn’t have their things in a row. They don’t have their ducks in a row,” said Shania Krawczak, parent.

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She claims she was one of many families that were lost and confused as they tried to find their way to the correct kindergarten class at Plymouth Elementary in Midland.

Krawczak said the school switched her daughter’s teacher without telling her. She said when they finally found the right classroom, it wasn’t a classroom at all.

“The classroom that I took her to is like a third of the size. There’s nothing. There’s books and there’s one play kitchen. That is it. And some tables for them to sit at. That’s it. It’s very plain. It’s not put together. There wasn’t effort into it, which I get it because there’s no teacher,” Krawczak said.

She claims she talked with the school principal, but said the explanation about why her daughter was switched did not make the grade.

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“She would adjust better than other children because she was at Plymouth last year,” Krawczak said.

Superintendent Michael Sharrow said much of what Krawczak said is not true. He said they saw a late influx in students, forcing them to create a fourth kindergarten class and shuffle some students around.

Sharrow said the move kept class sizes small at 19 students each, which allows for more student-teacher interaction.

As far as the classroom goes, Sharrow said it is fully equipped, complete with a teacher that has been with the district for 12 years.

Sharrow claims all of this was communicated to each parent before the first day of class and no other parents have complained.

But Krawczak has made up her mind.

“I don’t think the right thing is being done. So we will not stay at that school,” she said.

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