When it rains it pours inside the apartment of a man who said a leak has made one of his rooms unusable.

“Get everything away from the walls and out of the closet,” said Michael Mitchell, tenant at Country Way Townhomes in Saginaw.

That’s what Mitchell has to do every time it rains. He said his apartment can’t keep the water out.

He posted a video to Facebook earlier this month showing water gushing in through his closet.

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Mitchell reached out to TV5 to ask the tough questions.

“It just pours now. It started as a drip when I initially moved in, but now it’s gotten progressively worse,” Mitchell said.

He claims he has tried repeatedly for months to get management at Country Way Townhomes to do something, but his calls for help have gone unanswered.

He is worried about his safety living in a home that leaks and has shown signs of what he thinks is black mold.

“My girlfriend has developed some pretty bad coughing since we’ve moved in. And so I’m not sure that’s what’s causing it,” Mitchell said.

The property manager said she is working to fix the problem.

As for Mitchell, he said he received a letter from the complex stating an inspection of Mitchell’s unit could take place as early as Sept. 6. Mitchell scheduled the inspection for Friday.

“Well I’m hoping they come and do some repairs,” Mitchell said.

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