A mother is looking for answers four years after a drunken driver killed her son.

“He was my baby. We went from planning a wedding to paying for a funeral because of this,” said Jamie McSkulin, mother.

Her son, 29-year-old Martin McSkulin, was on his way to help a friend.

“He had a heart of gold, somebody called him and he was always right there on the spot,” Jamie said.

But Martin never made it.

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A drunk teenage driver barreled past a stop sign at 90 miles per hour, smashing into Martin’s car at the intersection of Shays Lake Road and Hurds Corner in Tuscola County.

They both were killed in the incident four years ago.

“I jump at midnight every night because that’s the time we got the phone call the night of the accident,” Jamie said.

It has been four years of agony for Martin’s mother.

The 17-year-old driver had a blood alcohol level of .08, according to the police report.

“I’ve been waiting for the prosecuting attorney in Tuscola County to charge the young lady who purchased the alcohol that night,” Jamie said. “I will have closure. I will have justice for my son who died in vain. There was no reason for my son to die. I consider this murder.”

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Jamie said she has contacted the Tuscola County prosecutor numerous times, even discussed charges. She has been patient, but patience has gotten her nowhere.

“I want it done now. Four years is long enough. I don’t want any more broken promises. I want it done now,” Jamie said.

She demands justice for her son, for her family, for peace.

“I want it done. I want it over with. I want to know when. I’m not waiting another year. I will not wait another year,” Jamie said.

Tuscola County Prosecutor Marke Reene said charges were initially authorized, but the determination was made that further investigation may result in additional, more significant charges.

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