A bill recently introduced by a Michigan lawmaker would make it legal for people to break a window if they see an animal suffering inside a hot vehicle.

House Bill No. 6298 was introduced by State Rep. Beau LaFave, R-Iron Mountain, would protect people from lawsuits or criminal punishment if they damage a vehicle to rescue a distressed animal.

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The proposed bill includes several criteria including:

Checking to see if the car is locked or if there’s another way for the animal to escape The animal must clearly be in immediate danger or suffering The person must call 911, local police or the local fire department as soon as possible before or after breaking into the vehicle The person must stay with the animal in a safe location near the vehicle until officials arrive The person must leave a note on the vehicle’s windshield with contact information or a reason for why they broke into the vehicle, as well as stating local officials were called The person cannot use “more force…than is necessary” to enter the vehicle

The so called “dog safety” bill was recently passed by a Senate committee making it illegal to leave a pooch in a hot car.

Under the measure, people who leave their animals in cars would face a misdemeanor if they are caught. If an animal dies in a vehicle under adverse conditions the person responsible could face up to five years in prison.

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