The spring storm is hitting all parts of Mid-Michigan and TV5 checked in with Genesee County to see how they are holding up.

Genesee County residents describe their commute today during Michigan’s latest winter storm as windy and rainy.

The roadways paved with rain, sleet, and snow is making it difficult for even the most cautious of drivers.

“Drove through some pretty heavy rain coming into Flint this morning and some absolutely horrendous days to get back home from the market here,” said Robert Sollman who works at the Flint Farmer’s Market.

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Sollman said his drives lately have taken longer and longer.

But what he’s most worried about is if he will have power when he comes home.

“We lose it more to high wind than anything else,” Sollman said. “Getting those trees cut and removed from the power lines. It’s always better than what it was, but every now and then we still have a little outage here and there.”

However, residents like Lori Fleischer said there’s an easy solution to that.

“Get my generator out, start my generator so I can keep my house running,” Fleischer said.

But despite some of the dreadful weather we’ve already seen this weekend, many Genesee County residents are taking it quite well.

“In regards to having Spring, it’ll get here,” Fleischer said. “It’ll get here, I’m not worried.”

The Genesee County Road Commission said it was prepared for the weather.

It had 63 trucks loaded with salt and salt brine on standby Friday night.

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