Those who didn’t lose power looked for ways to occupy their time, some in Mid-Michigan opted to have a movie night.

Every time Michigan hits us with yet another storm, even ice and snow in April, the Saginaw Family Video on Bay Road seems to get a boost of business.

“Today’s going pretty well it’s very busy on and off,” said Kenzie McPhillips, the assistant manager. “We’ve had a lot of customers.”

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One of those customers is Raymond Torres. He wasn’t going to go outside at all but just couldn’t pass up a good deal.

“Well I got a call yesterday that’s free rentals so that’s why I came out to fight the storm but that’s the only reason really,” Torres said.

Raymond said he’s picking up a few movies for the whole family to help fight the boredom of being stuck inside.

The employees of Family Video say when Michigan gets like this their customers aren’t just taking one video home, they’re taking upwards of seven so they can get through days of storms just like the one today.

You’d think people would just be staying inside to avoid the rough roads, maybe choosing Netflix or on-demand movies, McPhillips said that’s just not the case.

“We tend to have the older ones that people tend to forget about and don’t put on Netflix so we have them here,” McPhillips said.

For all the other movie buffs out there braving the storm to get their fix, Raymond has a message for you.

“Just take your time, be careful,” Raymond said.

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