We knew there would be a chance at the rate things were going this year, but it finally happened. Sunday's 0.6" of sleet recorded at Flint Bishop Airport officially made this winter the snowiest on record in Flint. Yes, sleet counts. Flint actually tied the all time record on Saturday with 0.4" sleet.

The old record was set back in the brutally cold winter of 2013-2014. While this winter won't be known for being brutally cold, it will stand alone (for now) as the winter with the most snow in Flint. Coincidentally, the new record this year was set on the exact same day that the old record was set 4 years ago on April 15. I'm guessing Mother Nature doesn't like tax day either.

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In case you were wondering, we have jumped into the new millennium with more than our share of snow. 5 of the 10 snowiest winters on record in Flint have occurred since 2000.

On the other end of the spectrum, Saginaw won't come close to breaking any snowfall records this year, nor will we even break into the top 20 snowiest winters. The snowiest winter on record in Saginaw was 87.2" set back in 1966-1967. For comparison sake, the 20th snowiest winter on record was 55.6" back in 1977-1978 and this year, Saginaw is at 41.4" and counting.

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