Another winter blast of weather is leaving Mid-Michigan covered in wet and heavy snow.

“Ridiculous,” said Bob Kockalka.

That’s how Kockalka feels about snow in mid-April.

Sure, any Mid-Michigander knows it’s not unheard of to see a few flakes this time of year. But this is a little different.

It’s a scene that looks more like late winter in Kockalka’s neighborhood.

He said he had a lot of trouble getting into his driveway.

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“It’s wet slush and then it’s froze down on the bottom there,” Kockalka said. “I got to get a special shovel just to get it out of there.”

A few blocks down, Ken Bowen said you have to pace yourself.

“I did part of it and then I went in the house and watched TV for an hour and then I came back out,” Bowen said.

Experts say shoveling this kind of snow can be very taxing on your heart.

“Oh it is, you better believe it,” Bowen said. “I’ve had four brothers that had heart attacks already. Not from shoveling snow but my dad died of a massive heart attack when he was 59-years-old.”

That's why Bowen, who is 77-years-old, is being careful.

Our First Warn 5 forecast is hinting at warmer days ahead, so why not just wait and let Mother Nature do the work?

“I’m thinking about the mail people,” Bowen said. “They come through and they got to deliver the mail and everything.”

For his part, Kockalka is like a lot of us wondering when Spring will show up. After all, May is just a couple of weeks away.

“I wish it would warm up,” Kockalka said. “I’m sick of this snow this year. We really haven’t had that much snow but we’ve had more than enough as far as I’m concerned.”

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