Evacuations in Bangor Township to flooding in Bay County, the wild weekend weather wreaking havoc across Mid-Michigan.

It’s not your typical beach day, but folks here at Wenona Beach Estates said they’re quite pleased the waves are back in Saginaw bay as opposed to their front doors.

“I packed a bag and I left at 8 o’clock in the morning,” said Dan Walsh.

Walsh lives at the estates and said a similar storm took place last year, so he knew the warning signs.

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“The water was actually splashing over the fence and hitting my window, across the deck and as soon as I saw that I said it’s time to go,” Walsh said.

He wasn’t alone, waters began to rise Saturday morning, prompting residents to call for evacuation assistance.

“We got a bunch of our personnel in and formed a game plan and just went over the trailer park started going door and door and evacuating people,” said Captain Mike Royer of the Bangor Township Fire Department.

He said a total of eight people and four pets were safely evacuated.

“All the water went down, so everybody’s kind of getting back to normal, but we still had a couple trailers that had a fair amount of water by them,” Royer said. “One lady I know the Red Cross put her up for a couple nights.”

Walsh returned home today to start the clean-up process, but he said the beauty of the beach during the summer, makes the hassle of flooding, well worth it.

“In the summertime, it’s just so pleasant to wake up in the morning and watch the sunrise over the island and have a cup of coffee and begin the day that way,” Walsh said.

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