A key testimony was held in the case against current and former Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) employees charged in the water crisis.

A former worker at the Flint water treatment plant is taking the stand and telling a judge what he knew about the water at the time of that fateful switch.

Michael Glasgow was charged in the Flint water crisis, but those were dropped after he was able to make a plea deal in exchange for his witness testimony.

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Glasgow escaped charges of felony tampering with evidence but didn’t escape the courtroom.

In exchange for his testimony, the former Flint water plant supervisor pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor crime of willful neglect of duty.

“I didn’t want someone else’s decisions affecting my career,” Glasgow said.

Glasgow was grilled about when and how he came to know there were problems at the Flint water plant and whether he reported it to anyone.

Mark Kriger, defense attorney for MDEQ employee Stephen Busch handled the cross-examination.

The common theme of the hearing was that Glasgow consistently made “cries for help” to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Another part of his plea deal in addition to testifying is Glasgow will be getting check ups every three months to confirm his cooperation as a witness in this case.

Also, in this case, the judge will be hearing from three other witnesses who also took plea deals and families that suffered health problems from the water crisis.

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