You wander through the aisles, grabbing all the groceries on your list. Then you make your way to the check-out where you take everything out of your cart, only to put it back in after it’s been scanned. If you think the system is less than efficient, Meijer agrees.

Now the supermarket has unveiled a program called “Shop & Scan” that is expected to dramatically decrease checkout time.

Here’s how it works. First, you download a free app (for either Android or Apple) that works with Meijer’s MPerks program.

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Once you grab your item, you scan the bar code and bag it in your cart. After you are done shopping, you just scan your phone at the self-checkout lane and pay.

“Shop & Scan will make the Meijer experience dramatically faster and more convenient for our customers,” said Terry Ledbetter, Chief Information Officer for Meijer. “This technology joins our curbside pickup and home delivery programs to provide yet another option for Meijer customers to personalize their shopping experience.”

Meijer launched the initial pilot of the Shop & Scan service in November at Grand Rapids, Mich.-area stores in Standale, Rockford, Walker, Grandville, and Jenison, and two stores in Holland, Mich. Since then, more than 12,000 Meijer customers have downloaded the app.

The Shop & Scan program will begin rolling out in other Meijer stores in the coming weeks and will be available at all 235 Meijer stores by the end of the summer.

Although it’s not clear exactly when any Mid-Michigan stores will come online.

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