Alicia Woollcott is used to making headlines and now she’s featured in a national commercial.

She is featured in Nike’s latest commercial titled “Dream Crazy.”

Alicia appears about 40 seconds into the full commercial released by Nike. In the commercial she is smiling after being crowned homecoming queen.

"I was a football cheerleader in middle school and after watching them at every game and cheering them on I realized I would rather be out there playing with them," Alicia said.

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Her mother, Paula Janine Woollcott, said in a Facebook post that the moment was recreated in California for the commercial.

“I couldn't be prouder! That's my girl with professional athletes...role models everywhere and she is among them,” Paula Woollcott said in her post.

Alicia broke down barriers as a female player on the Grand Blanc Varsity Football Team. She was also crowned homecoming queen.

"I don't know a lot of middle linebackers that get to be crowned homecoming queen and I loved her in practice cause she got in there and scrapped with us," said Clint Alexander, head football coach.

They may not have expected her to capture the attention of one of the world's most iconic brands.

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"Pretty amazing to think that I got to be a part of something with so many amazing people," Alicia said.

She is featured in Nike's new commercial with other inspirational athletes who have overcome major setbacks or succeeded against the odds.

Alicia recreated her crowning moments from her senior year, but this time under a different set of lights on a set in California with the full Hollywood treatment.

"Doing my hair and make-up and people were picking my outfits out. And I am obviously not used to that. I've never done that before. So it was a lot of fun for me. I was super excited and everyone was so nice," Alicia said.

"If someone tells you you can't do something, prove them wrong," Alicia said.

She believes the commercial proves to be nothing but positive and powerful, saying it's bigger than any controversy casting a dark cloud over it.

"I just hope people look at the actual message, that you can do whatever you want. Stand up for what you believe in, regardless of what other people think," Alicia said.

The recent graduate played semi-pro women’s football and is currently an assistant head coach for the Grand Blanc Varsity Football Team.

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